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01/07/2009 14:32:47
Re: detail

3) working hour = 0800 - 1700,if the worker is start working from 1300 - 1900,(1700 - 1900)is the two hours is calculate by overtime ?还是工人一天要做到8小时过后才能算加时?( you ans. is no OT is this case)

** sorry, l no very clear about your ans, so i create a example:-
(1300 - 1900=6hrs) calculate = salary/26/8 x 6hrs for that day and If no exceed 8hrs a day of work cannot count for overtime?
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KL Siew
01/07/2009 15:36:05
I must confess I don't know how to answer your question. Pay a visit to the nearby Labour Department and consult one of the officers there.
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02/07/2009 13:24:05
LIV,After u visited the Labour office,pls post out how they teach u,maybe some of us also nid it.
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