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23/06/2009 15:11:46
Re: transfer of working location

Hi, need you help.

I have some problems as below:
1. My co issued a warning letter to an employee, but she did not sign the letter. How we can do?
2. Also, the employee do not follow our working instruction that transfer her to another outlet (transport convenience). Transfer is one of our policy and stated in the appointment letter, can the employee do not follow? Her salary is below RM1500. How we can do?
3. Regarding to above case, how can we communicate with the employee?
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KL Siew
23/06/2009 16:00:06
1. If she does not want to sign it, you cannot force her to do so. You may record the fact that she refused to sign and have some one to witness it.

2. It looks like a disobeying or orders whereby you may take disciplinary action against her.

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