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ms tan
16/01/2009 14:20:57
Re: i need help

i joint a company in 1/4/06 , but untill now jan 2009 , i still never have my annual leave yet ! Couse my company cuculate leave is
1/4/06- 31/12/06 not work for 1 yr , not entite to have leave
1/1/07 -31/12/07 is 1st yr working , got 8 leave ,but cant take in yr 2007 ,the company said will pospone to 2008
1/1/08-31/12/08 i also cant take my leave for 2007, couse it will pay with in yr 2009.
But untill now i never have leave ,When i off , they deduct my salary and never show it in my payslip . I also never recieved money from company for my annual leave too .
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KL Siew
16/01/2009 15:16:44
I think it is high time for you to complain to the Labour Office.
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ms tan
16/01/2009 15:27:43
where i can get the black and white to show that is way is wrong? So that i can show to my big boss see first !?
if can ! Pls lat me know what is wrong? Just now i ask my admin dept , they said my working day is not enought 273 days? What is that ? I m a account clerk .
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KL Siew
16/01/2009 16:51:09
If you were to tell the Labour Department exactly what you are telling here, the Labour Office will surely see something is not right. Go and make complaint there. Don't wait.
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