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08/06/2009 19:44:37
Re: 卫塞节是national holiday还是state holiday

09/05/2009 卫塞节我应上司要求在那天上班做OT,但发工资时我发现到哪天的加班费没算到,我就问上司,他说可能是没算到。隔天我上司过来跟我说卫塞节不算假期所以没算OT。。。这样是对的吗?
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KL Siew
08/06/2009 19:58:37
Possible, Wisak Day may not be one of the 10 appointed public holidays for your company. If it is not, then it will be just like another ordinary working day for you, not extra pay for working on that day.
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