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04/06/2009 09:30:12
Re: Calculation of Salary

I would like to get some advise from you.

For Example,
A staff (monthly salary :RM 2000)
Working days: 5 days ( mon to fri) (sat close)

This staff had gave us the resignation by 4/6/2009, & effective immediately (means within 24 hours). Last time the unpaid leave i use the format (RM 2000 / 26 days). I would like to ask you about the calculation, is it his salary also follow the format for the unpaid leave one(divide by 26 days) or divide by 30 days? if according to 26 days, is it i need to pay him the salary of sat? since that he only work 4 days of this month? Please reply me asap., i need it urgently.

For thanks for your help.

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04/06/2009 09:40:02
Dear Sir / Madam,

Sorry, i still got one thing.

The company give employees 14 days for annual leave

for the calculation of annual leave, is it according to 26 days?
if he terminate at 4/6/2009, is it he have the right to get the annual leave for june 2009? he just work 4 days for this month only?
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KL Siew
04/06/2009 16:01:26
1. For salary calculation, use (salary/30) for the month of June

2. For calculation for annual leave use (salary/26).
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