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01/06/2009 18:25:02
Re: Release early for resign staff

one of the staff tender resignation w.e.f 29/5/09 with 2 months notice, his last day should be on 17/07/09 after deduct his annual leave.
the company want to ask him leave the company earlier, one week after the tender date. i.e 6/6/09

1) the company need to contribute the staff EPF or socso after 6/6/09 till 28/7/09 or not ?

2) did the company have the right to do so if the staff not acceptable ?

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KL Siew
01/06/2009 20:05:14
Was the staff paid up to 17 July? The employer cannot do that without paying compensation up to 17/07. If not, the staff is entitled to complain at the Labour Department.
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02/06/2009 08:34:37
1) pls confirm the pay up to 17/7 is including of the contributiuon of EPF ? even he ask to leave earlier ?

2) the staff actually got 8 days of annual leave before his last day on 17/7/09, which means the actual should be 28/7/09 did the company still need to pay back his 8 days balance of annual leave if the ask to leave earlier ?
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KL Siew
02/06/2009 08:41:22
1. You better ask EPF about that. But I think so.

2. I don't understand why 28/7. If he was allowed to take the 8 days leave balance, he could leave 8 days earlier. Otherwise, you have to pay 8 days leave pay.
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BL Tan
02/07/2009 23:09:52
Dear KL Siew,

Need your advise.

My resignation letter tender on 29/5/09, and i have 27 days annual leave balance. My appointment letter need me to give 1 month notice. My 27 days annual leave balance should be enough to cover for 1 month notice. (my company is 6 working days a week) So, I stop work on 30/5/09. Today i received a letter from my previous employer said i am failed to serve one month notice, so their calculate the 27 days leave in payment and minus 1 month salary, whether the previous employer take advantage on me???

Thank you.
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