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12/01/2009 13:28:53
Re: part time worker

did part time worker have to pay for the stock lost....???
a 16 years old girl who only work for 2 months part time job then the supervisor deduct her around rm85 for the shoe lost in that shop...but she only work for rm5 per hour...why she needs to bare the stock lost as she jz only a part time???
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KL Siew
12/01/2009 14:20:19
Ask her to complain to the Labour Department for unlawful deduction of salary.
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26/03/2009 10:49:16
I would like to ask about regisnation, if i resign within 24 hours without one month notice (i had pass resignation letter to the M.D.), any problem i will face in future? i had work there around 4.5 years , i still got 19 days annual leave (till Mar '09). The reason of resign because of my boss expect me become his gf (he got wife). But i dont have any evidence to sue him. so what can i do ?
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Crystal Yap
26/03/2009 10:57:50
I want to ask about the termination of staff, our company need to terminate one staff beacuse of his service no good that company expect, then when we ask him to do something, he got many excuse to reject. I would like to ask what can i do for it? is it i need to write a warning letter to him or is it possible i terminate his contract within 24 house without warning letter? or what way that we can do to avoid any problem happend (we afraid that he will sue us cause of no reasonable to terminate him). Please reply me asap. Thanks
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