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Wen Wen
22/04/2009 15:51:21
Re: 一个月通知才能离开吗?

我在这间公司服务了三年, 从未收过Confirm Letter, 但起了两次工钱. 如果我要离职的话, 须要一个月通知才能离开吗? 还是可以立刻离开公司?
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Wen Wen
22/04/2009 15:59:11
我的家里有一封公司给我的Appointment Letter, 里头说到 "One month's notice is required should either party wish to termination this contract after your confirmation" 但我没有收到Confirm Letter 啊! 里头的条件生效吗?
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Wen wen
22/04/2009 15:59:39
我曾问HR Department 关于那封Appointment Letter, 可能换了几次HR书记吧, 结果把那封信给弄丢了. 那我离职时是否可以立刻离开公司吗?
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KL Siew
22/04/2009 19:10:17
No, you have to give one month's notice. In your case, you should be considered as confirmed as you have been given increment twice. If you are not good, they would not have increased your pay.
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29/04/2011 14:15:13
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