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16/04/2009 10:55:57
Re: 受到雇主解雇

我在這公司工作了9個月。公司就受到雇主解雇了。雇主send 了email 給我。

Dear maki,

Further to our meeting I am sending you a written notice of redundancy.

Due to market conditions and company restructuring we are giving you notice of redundancy today 1st April 2009. If there are any amounts due to you other than your April salary we will of course pay you that by law. Your final day of work with us will be 30th April 2009 and it has been a pleasure working with you and we wish you all the best in the future. We hope you will continue to perform your work to the best of your ability until the last day of your service so that we may provide you an exemplary reference letter.

Best Regards,


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KL Siew
16/04/2009 13:55:04
是的,不足一年是没有解雇利益的。 不过如果你认为是没有理由的解雇,你可以向劳资关系局(INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS DEPARTMENT)投诉讨回你那份工作。
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