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07/01/2009 13:58:44
Re: 遣散费

16/10/2006 到回来 公司营业至28/02/2009
所以服务年资为2年4个月又2个星期 (4.5 / 12 = 0 38 + 2 年得2.38), 他目前的月薪为RM650
2.38 x 15 = 35.7;RM 650x12 = RM 7800 再除365 天, 日薪为RM 21.37
公司赔偿 RM 21.37 x 35.7 = RM762.91

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KL Siew
07/01/2009 15:10:08
Correct, very good.
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06/02/2009 01:18:16
不好意思,我想请问为何要2.38 x 15 = 35.7??可以教我怎样算遣散费吗?
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21/09/2009 18:25:01
My aunty work at cleaner company has10+ years (she never sign any appointment letter & didn hv EPF, socso, 年假…)

My aunty boss has informed her that their sub-con company shall close on Oct 2009 & never discuss with my aunty weather change to work at other sub-con company, 解雇or others…
Furthermore, my aunty always asks her boss about this but her boss always answers that see how lah… see how lah… 到时才来讲….now already end of Sept…

请问if my aunty boss解雇my aunty, 那她能要求赔偿金吗?
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