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26/03/2009 10:59:59
Re: Resignation

Sorry, i had post to sorry place, I would like to ask about regisnation, if i resign within 24 hours without one month notice (i had pass resignation letter to the M.D.), any problem i will face in future? i had work there around 4.5 years , i still got 19 days annual leave (till Mar '09). The reason of resign because of my boss expect me become his gf (he got wife). But i dont have any evidence to sue him. so what can i do ?
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KL Siew
26/03/2009 11:48:20
I think you better consult your mother first. If you leave without notice, he may ask you to pay one month salary as indemnity in lieu of notice. Don't be too hasty, consult your mother.
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