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01/06/2007 00:50:01
Re: Letter of Offer

I have signed a Letter of Offer with a company on 21 May 2007 whereby to commence my job on 1 Jun 2007 but subsequently another company which is nearer to my house offered me job on 22 May 2007. Thus i hav called up the first mentioned company on 23 May 2007 to terminate the contract and told the reasons i terminated the contract and did plead the Boss to settle this issue in good term. (in the letter of offer it stated that 7 days notice was to be given to either party during probationary period).

Now, the 1st mentioned company claimed me for the advertisement cost of RM300.00 instead of the one month gross salary for failure to report to work.

My question was am i need to compesate them for the amount that they claimed for ?
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KL Siew
01/06/2007 08:06:34
I think you may just ignore it.
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