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08/05/2007 16:43:05
Re: Maternity Leave

Maternity Leave
Every female employee will be entitled to 60 consecutive days of maternity leave for each child up to maximum of 5 surviving children.
请问有没有限制可以拿几次maternity leve 吗?

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KL Siew
08/05/2007 17:34:26
There is no limit of the number of time of maternity leave but there will be no maternity allowance for confinement when the lady has more than 5 surviving children. For example your female employee may give birth 5 times and she will get maternity leave and maternity allowance. When she gives birth again for the 6th time she will get maternity leave only but no maternity allowance. Although she is not entitled to maternity allowance she must be given maternity leave, you cannot ask her to come back to work immediately after child birth, can you?
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08/05/2007 17:39:32
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