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CB Loh
20/12/2008 10:14:59
Re: Replacemet Leave

I am the newly join admin executive of a company. It suprising for me to fid out that the employees of this company still have plenty of the Replacement Leave and the Annual Leave which carry forward from year 2006 and 2007 yet to clear. The employee involve is mostly the foreign labours. My concern is, am I have the right to "Burn" their Replacement Leave. (I have given the notice to inform them to clear their asap 3 months ago). According to the policy of this company that its not allow to convert any type of leave to "money payment". Kindly advise
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KL Siew
20/12/2008 13:52:26
As far as possible, don't let employees to accumulate too much leave. But in places especially manufacturing concerns, it required coordination between the HR and the production department. It may be easy for HR to say there are too much replacement leave not taken, but production may be short of hands when workers take leave. Better to have an in-depth study of the situation first before implementing changes.

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24/12/2008 12:46:59
I have given the enough grace period for the foreign and local worker to clear all the Replacement Leave by end of this year, however, still got many of them unable to meet the requirement. I have put out the notice (2 months ago) and inform all for those who unable to clear the replacement leave by end of this year, I will "Burn or Hold Back their Replacement Leave". Am I have the right to do that? Is it will against the labour law? Please advise.
TQ and Merry Xmas
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