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siew keng
16/12/2008 17:15:18
Re: working in shopping complex

working in shopping complex (computer shop) entitle to how many days annual leave? Any special law for workers work in shopping complex ( work on public holidays, no. days of MC entitlement, etc)

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KL Siew
16/12/2008 20:06:13
There is no special law for workers working in shopping complex.
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01/09/2009 14:08:37
As per working in a shopping complex that is a must to work on public holiday, can we still have the double salay on that day ?
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Cherry Liong
16/10/2010 00:45:17
我是报纸批发商,报纸这行业,在公共假期都会有出版的,而且工作时间是在凌晨3点钟至早上10点钟。请问,如果我的员工在公共假期工作,是否触犯劳工法令?我可以用工资代替公共假期吗?我是否要付双倍的工资?凌晨的工作时间有限定几个小时吗?有没有特别的law 是在凌晨工作的?
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