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12/12/2008 11:28:25
Re: resign vs bonus

1) Boss verbal said bonus 2008 will give when Jan 2009. If I tender resignation on 24th Dec 2008, is it entitle that bonus in labour law?

2) In appoinment letter, i need to give 1 month notice in lie for resign. So, if i still got 21 days annual leave and i tender on 24th Dec 2008, should i leave earlier than 1 month?
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12/12/2008 11:31:01
Oppsss... i don't know the email will display here, kindly help me delete it for safety purpose.... tq
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KL Siew
12/12/2008 17:54:59
1. There is no law pertaining to bonus payment. Since you know bonus will be paid in Jan, why not resign after collecting your bonus. It is quite likely you are not going to get your bonus if you resign before the payment.

2. You may apply for your balance of leave before you go.
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12/12/2008 18:12:35
1) Thanks for the 1st question. Fyi, i cann't tender after bonus, because i need further study & register in 12/Jan/08.

2) Need to check, in labour law, can i use my annual leave days as notice in lieu to resign? Example: i tender in 01/01/08; suppose i need work till 30/01/08, but i request leave on 09/01/08 and use 21 days anual leave to replace balance days.

Thanks for your kindly assist.
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KL Siew
15/12/2008 18:10:58
The point is whether bonus payment is contractual. If it is not contractual, your boss can decide whether to pay or not to pay even you are still working there at that time not to mention you have tendered your resignation. Once he has received your resignation letter, quite likely he is not going to pay you. There is nothing much you can do about it if he doesn't pay you. Your timing is very unfortunate.
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hanah goh
02/06/2009 23:03:01
my company depend bonus minimum 1 month,at new year company pay we all cash half month bonus ,boss said half month well pay at this march ,but until now already jun still no pay back we all half month bonus .

thanks fr ur help
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30/01/2012 18:32:33
i got my bonus on 13/1/2012 & my 1/2 month salary on 19/1/12. If i tender 31 Jan, CAN THE COMPANY "CLAIMED" THE BONUS PAID ON 13/1 is consider my PARTIAL MONTHLY SALARY? CAN they dun pay me another 1/2 monthly salary?
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