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08/12/2008 18:05:43
Re: salary in lieu

Mr Siew,
If co not pay salary for short notice, should us need to get a letter from them.
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KL Siew
08/12/2008 22:09:45
Who is giving short notice, the company or you? What sort of letter you want?
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09/12/2008 08:28:33
actualy my friend have give 1 month notice, but co don't accept ask her to stay again. At the end of month, she told them today is last day for her job
then her co forced her to give another notice (24 hrs notice). Then she write again for simple lettter is (to give notice that today 30/11/08 is last day)
Mr Siew, i want to know on this matter should her need to payback her salary? And what type of letter need her to sign with co?
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KL Siew
09/12/2008 08:50:03
Was the one month notice which she gave earlier in writing? If it was not and she later gave a written letter giving 24 hours notice, then it is likely that her employer will not pay her and will keep her Nov salary as indemnity in lieu of notice.

I think you better ask your friend to complain to the Labour Department if she think she has a case.
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04/08/2009 14:08:57
Mr. Siew,



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