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04/12/2008 18:09:41
Re: force leave

Hi.. i need to ask that if the company need to cut cost, and the person who choose by company must force to take the leave, is it company can do like that ( exculde the department head)? The company force the people to take the special unpaid leave, but they didnt mentioned compulsory, can the worker refused on it? what is the action they will take, it is need to bear any law if we refused to do it. What should take by worker if meet the case like this, any law? Please advise it
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KL Siew
04/12/2008 18:51:37
Approach the Labour Department see whether they can help to solve the problem. This is something getting quite common now during economic downturn.
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Mrs Fong
30/12/2008 00:23:36
Employer is forcing the employee to take unpaid leave but not the senior management. Can the affected employee take action against the employer since the unpaid leave is not for all staff?
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