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27/11/2008 11:35:36
Re: Termination of service contract

Our company is decided to terminate a contract staff (5 years service) with the offer below:
1) Work till end of the month and compensated with one month's extra salary.
2) or work the following 2 month and contract ends at the same time.
The staff was rejected the offer and requested a retrenchment / lay-off benefits.

My question is have a right of this staff and the company will get suing if not agree.

Thank you.
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KL Siew
27/11/2008 13:53:56
The company will have to do the following:

1. Give the required notice or pay indemnity in lieu of notice;

2. Termination benefit at 20 days salary for every year of service;

3. Any balance of leave not taken to be paid.
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27/11/2008 15:54:33
Actually I would like to know more on contract staff termination condition. On the staff contract we have stated with 1 month notice termination, which we have offer him as above. I would like to know how good our company stands in this case.
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KL Siew
27/11/2008 21:29:47
Actually, what is a contract staff? You may use whatever term you want but the fact still remains that he has worked for 5 years. To me, he is just an employee and he is entitled to all the benefits. I think you should consult the Labour Department if you really want to know where you stand.
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01/04/2009 20:56:36
so called a contract worker which shown on the employment letter. But the employment did not specify any time limit of service. Suddenly, termination letter has been given without warning or briefing. not letter of stop contract either.
time of working: about four months
reason of fired: not happy with my work performance.
notice of one month has given.
Q: do i hav any reason to sue the employer for this case. does this breaking any labour law? i felt truely unfair, when the time the employer hired me, the work is all on very tight schedule. Now when thing under controlled. they hire another new worker to replace me.
please help. appreciated very much. thanks. good day
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