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16/04/2007 21:57:08
Re: Explanation Letter

Recently my briefcase have been stolen. And the pricelist and some company documents is in the briefcase. I reported it to police and handed the report to the HR of my company. However they issued a letter to me to sign where I have to responsible for any leaks of the company P&C issues. And they considered the stolen briefcase case is a misconduct and due to my negligence which I seriously thing its not my fault. Now they want me to sign the letter as well as write a explanation letter and they are considering a disciplinary action against me. What should I do? as I don't think it is not my fault since i don't wish my things get stolen too.
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KL Siew
17/04/2007 08:38:52
Give them your explanation accordingly but don't sign the letter if it wants you to admit your fault. There is nothing to stop them from take action against you, but after the result of their action like demotion, dismissal etc is known then you can seek redress if you think their decision is not fair. For the moment just wait and see.
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