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09/10/2008 15:47:45
Re: UPL whole month

I have two questions need your help

1: if a staff would like to tender resignation letter dated 27th Sept 2008 and give notice 1 month , thus last day will be 28th October 2008. Can the staff enjoy the PH (Deevapali - 27/8)? Is it the 1 month notice included PH if fall on the last month working day?

2. A staff absent for working (Sept whole month, considered as UPL) because felt difficult on first month pregnant, but in this month she have submit the MC leave and PH also fall on the working day...Thus, these two days is it salary / 26 days or 30 days? pls check my calculation is correct or not: salary / 26 days x 1 PH & MC LEave (however the payroll system counted as : salary / 30 x 2 days. That's means the staff do not working countinously one week or countinously one month, then cannot enjoy the PH/AL/MC benefit?
Do the Employment Act descripted it?
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KL Siew
09/10/2008 16:44:14
1. Notice period should include all rest days, public holidays during the period.

2. For PH, MC should be salary divided by 26 and not 30. If a staff applies for no pay leave for one month, I think he should not enjoy any rest day, public holiday, sick leave that occur during the period. Try consulting the Labour Department for their opinion on this.
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