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ms lee
03/10/2008 15:44:13
Re: annual leave

剩下的Annual Leave 老板有权利不计算回给工人吗??他可以把剩下的Leave,forward去下一年吗??如工人不要forward呢!!可以拿cash 吗??
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KL Siew
03/10/2008 16:30:47
如工人不要forward 可以拿cash
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04/10/2008 22:13:41
我想请问我是在25/03/06进工,01/06/06 comfirm,01/10/08离职的.
进工到现在我的Annual leave总共是多少天呢?因为从进工到现在我总共拿了十五天的leave,如今我要辞职老板说员工第一年是没有任何年假的所以要在我薪金里扣除六天的advance leave
2.我进工到现在应该有多少天Annual leave呢?谢谢.
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Jenny Tei
06/11/2008 18:19:21
Re: Annual Leave

I am working at private factory as executive level. I started joint this company on 3 Dec 2007 untill now. As refer to my appointmen letter, my annual leave is 12 days for first 5 years.

Now is my 1st year in this company, HR said under probation period (3 month), there is no annual leave (3 days) for me which is stated in labour Law. That mean my leave started calculate after my probation period ( from 1 March 2008- 31 Dec 2008-10 days annual leave) Is it correct?
Looking for your advised.


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