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24/08/2008 16:22:52
Re: immadiately notice-urgent_please help

hi consultant

Actually I have ask before this question in previous message with same subject, but i have something else would like to know.

Can my employer dont want accept by compesation and want charge me to court for my immediately notice?
Actaully my salary is RM 1500 above and below RM 5000.

Can i know if I make compesation, should my employer need to calculate include my working day,leave and allowance and minus it?
Secondly, its my employer needto give me a release letter after i make compesation?

Can you advise me what should I do?

lastly, thank alot for help

Thank and Regard

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KL Siew
25/08/2008 09:06:38
They can't charge you in court as it is not a criminal offence. At the moment, since they want to claim compensation from you, you just wait for the claim to come. Then you will know how much they are claiming from you and how it is calculated. You just wait and carry on working with your new employer.
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