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24/08/2008 15:20:23
Re: immediately notice


I would like to ask after comformation, according offer letter, i should give 2 month notice, but i tender my position with immediate notice by email.

Now my employer need me to make compesation, can i know its i need to pay for 2 month compeastion according to my basic salary. If i agree to make compesation, can my employer dont want to accecpt my compesation and charge me to court because of not give 2 month notice.

Secondly I tender for my position immediately and start a new jod at tomorrow, its this is break the labour law and fault?

Additional actually is I no saticfay with my employer, because they not pay for some of the allowance that they promise to give me. My employer did email to reply me before while i ask for my allowance and they promise to give me the specify allowance, i still keep the email. But after they send a email to comfirm me, I found the allowance was not state in the comfirmation letter and while I receive my salary, I found the specify allowance is actually not apply to me , its my employer already break the contract agreement. After comfirmation of another 3 month, because I get a better offer, so I terminate for my position with immediately notice. Its can i terminate my position immediately at any time if my employer break the contract agrrement. Biside from that, my employer also aways delay my salary,not follow the contract that state should release my salary on last work day of each calender month.

Below is the term and condition from my offer latter:-
Payment of your salary will be make by cheque to be collect by the employee or by such other means as the company may determind time to time, on the last work day of each calender month.

Now my employer want me to make compesation, I try to talk with my employer to solve the problem by i agree to pay one month compesation, but they not accept. But as my thinking is they break promise first, why should i need to pay so much of compesation.

Can i know in this kind of circumstances, its i really need to make compesation for that? If yes, how much I need to pay? what should i do to protect my self?

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KL Siew
25/08/2008 08:57:58
At the moment, since they want to claim compensation from you, you just wait for the claim to come. Then you will know how much they are claiming from you and you can defend yourself by saying they breached the contract of service first.
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