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snowy tung
09/07/2008 01:49:57
Re: how is the function and organization of the labour court?

i wanna know about the organization and function of the labour court,and where i can get d location of d lobour court???and where i can get any pic about the labour cour,waittiong ur reply thank...
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KL Siew
09/07/2008 08:19:10
The best result you can get is to visit a Labour Office near your place and get permission to have a peep at the labour court. It is just like an ordinary Magistrate Court except that there is no dock for the accused. On this website, you may get some info in the Home page under items "Making Claims" and "A Brief History of Labour Court"

Don't confuse Labour Court with Industrial Court Labour Court is under the Employment Act whereas the Industrial Court is under the Industrial Relations Act. You may read about setup and functions of the Industrial Court with
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