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27/06/2008 11:36:31
Re: Termination of Worker.

I just want to check that we have 1 worker who start work on 01.10.2007 until now...but when she came to work on 1st day, she got informed us that she already pregnant. but when i refer to my boss that interviewed her, he said she never mentioned that she pregnant. she signed the appointment letter on 28.9.07.
She start her maternity on 2.5.08 until end of June'08. so, :-
1) Did she entitled for the meternity leave for 2 months. But she still havent get the confirmation leter from us becoz of her attendance and work performance. Her leave taken are as follow :
Year 2007 - 3 days annual leave, 3 days sick leave, 11 1/2 no pay leave. ( We give prorata 3 days each for annual & sick leave.)
Year 2008 ( until June) - 4 days annual leave, 6 days sick leave, 15 days no pay leave.
2) Do we have the right to terminate her contract due to these type of performance ?
3) She always on emergency leave...even if she need to go check up...she just informed the day morning when she want to go check sms us. so she only will fill back a leave form to us when she come the next day. she never inform and fill the leave form before she want to on leave.


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KL Siew
27/06/2008 13:38:04
She is entitled to maternity leave with pay. I don't think it is proper to terminate her service because of that. If you are not happy about it, tell her and give her warnings first before you take any action.
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27/06/2008 15:13:02
Thanks for your reply.
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