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25/06/2008 23:57:32
Re: OT question

1. My salary is above RM1500. I think i am under the manual worker catogary based on I need to do maintenance and services for electrical board. The act mention that working on rest day less than 4 hours should get half ordinary daily wages. Is this wages is the real basic which is more the 1500 wages or can follow Rm 1500 only??
coz my boss say we are not have the right to get any OT coz my salary more than RM 1500

2. On my appointment letter, boss mention the OT base RM 1500 then the calculation is using :
mon - sat: hours x 1500/26/8 x 1.5
sun : hour x 1500/26/8 x 2
public holiday : hour x 1500/26/8 x 3
but recently he jus come our a notice mention the OT will change base on the act. So like the past Sunday. we work 14 hours on that day, if follow before the change I can get RM201++ . But follow the act I only can get RM144++. Can i not accept the new notice which jus simply put on and which different with my appointment letter?
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KL Siew
26/06/2008 08:53:50
Since payment of OT is stated in your appointment letter together with the methods of calculation, I think you can bring the matter up with the Labour Department. Go there with a copy of your appointment letter and the new notice and seek their advice.
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14/08/2008 14:44:30
if a hypermarket worker , he work from 10am till 3.00am(the next day ) then how to ot rate should be count for him?
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