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Gal EL
02/06/2008 14:45:27
Re: Resign during probabation

hi, i am has been work with current company for 7 or 8 months.
However, my company not confirm me yet.

In side my probation letter stated that:
during the probationary period either party may terminate the services by giving one week written notice or pay in-lieu of such notice wihtout assigning anay reason thereto. Upon successful completion of your probationary period, your employment will be confirmed in written.

I planed to resign from this position. I didnt receive or sign any confirmation letter. Is that i am still a not confirm staff and also still under probation?

Therefore, if i would like to submit my resign letter to company.

Will my company ask me for the compensation? Is my company has the authority not allow me to resign?

Appreciate for your prompt reply. thank you.
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KL Siew
02/06/2008 18:36:30
Since the agreed notice period is one week during probation, you may resign by giving one week notice or by paying one week's salary.
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Gal EL
03/06/2008 08:44:35
Great thanks Siew! Thats mean i am still probation worker, am i right?

However, because i got 2 bound.

1st, is until 10th of June
2nd, is until 22nd of July

i would like to further my study.

Therefore, can i submit my resing letter on 11th of June and leave on 19th June? does the 7 days include Saturday and Sunday? or just working days?

And i willing to pay 2nd Bound.
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KL Siew
03/06/2008 09:02:19
If there is nothing else about probation, then you just give one week (7 days including rest days) notice.
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Gal EL
03/06/2008 10:26:58
Great thanks for your prompt reply and your help.
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Gal EL
03/06/2008 12:44:21
Hi Siew, if i submit the resignation letter and I leave after 7 days later.
(Submit letter on 11th June and leave on 18th June)

Is that i only need to pay the bound cost, without any other cost incurred?
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