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12/04/2008 15:06:22
Re: 请问从何处可以拿到appoinment letter?

我现在才知道聘请每一位员工是须要给 appoiment letter,
请问从何处可以拿到appoinment letter 样本(华语版)? 我的英文不行.
domestic inquiry 的程序又该怎样做?
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KL Siew
12/04/2008 15:29:57
Appointment letter 不要用中文写。以下是最基本的事项,你自己慢慢去了解。

(1) Name of employee and National Registration Identification Card No:

(2) Occupation or appointment;

(3) Wage rates (excluding other allowances);

(4) Other allowances payable and rates;

(5) Rates for overtime work;

(6) Other benefits (including approved amenity and service);

(7) Agreed normal hours of work per day;

(8) Agreed period of notice for termination of employment or wages in lieu;

(9) No. of days entitlement to holidays and annual leave with pay;

Domestic Inquiry程序不简单,暂时不要去麻烦。

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