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14/03/2008 17:54:39
Re: Resignation - clear off annual leave

Dear Sir,

I tendered my resignation on 6th March 08 & giving 1 month notice. Is 5th or 6th April my last day of service?

Secondly, our company pratise alternate Sat off basis and coincidently my Saturday off falls on 5th April. For your info, my remaining annual leave is five (5) days and company required me to clear off my five (5) days annual leave. My question is:

i) My alternate Saturday off count as annual leave?
ii) Is my last day of service on 30th or 31st March?

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KL Siew
14/03/2008 19:53:16
1. Your notice should end on 5th April
2. To me you can apply for the 5 days leave from 31 March to 4 April, so you last working day should be 30 April.
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