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10/03/2008 10:57:55
Re: help...Urgent

????????warning letter,?????????????????
??????????????????????ermengency leave????????
????????ermengency leave???????????????????????????????????????????
??? 4/3/08???????????????(one month notice)???????????
???? 7/3/08,???????????????????????????2008?????????????compulsary leave??????)????hold??????????????????????????????rm3000???????????????????hold??????????????????????????????
?????????????hold??????????last day?4/408.
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KL Siew
10/03/2008 12:14:27
Unable to read your writing. Try to write again.
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10/03/2008 14:40:18
december 2007, i had receive a 2nd warning letter, their reasons are coming late & absent without reason.
(i has told them my reason & why before, but they didnt accept)
4/3/08, my superior ask me to tender resignation letter at the same day before go home, if not they will fire me. the reason is, i was take 5 days ermengency leave continueous last 3 weeks! due to, im planning to resign by next month, so i send my letter to them at the same day.
7/3/08, i found that my acc havn't receive any salary from company, so i reqeust my salary from person in-charge, but my salary has been deducted. their reason is; i was tender the resign letter, so they need to deduct all of annual i've took include compulsary leave in chinese new year. they were hold my salary until today because i need to settle the owing or have a solution the way i pay-back the money (i've borrow money from company before).
my question:
1) company can terminate my service with such reason?
2) i tender letter on 4/3/08 with one month notice, why should company deduct my february salary?
aren;t they have the right to do like that?
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KL Siew
10/03/2008 14:49:16
The proper thing for you to do now is to go to the Labour Department and lodge a complaint so that they can help you to sort out the problem.
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