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04/02/2008 08:59:56
Re: Partime employment

We re implementing part time job for our employees. What do I need to look at for benefits so that I do not violate our Employment Act? Is there a guidance from the Ministry of HUman Resources?
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KL Siew
04/02/2008 10:08:26
Under Section 2 of the Employment Act, partime work is defined as follow:

"..."part-time employee" means a person included in the First Schedule whose average hours of work as agreed between him and his employer do not exceed seventy per centum of the normal hours of work of a full-time employee employed in a similar capacity in the same enterprise whether the normal hours of work are calculated with reference to a day, a week, or any other period as may be specified by regulations;.."

I think you better pay a visit to the Labour Department and discuss with in greater details of the type of parttime work you have in mind.

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