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10/01/2008 16:06:40
Re: notice for termination

I terminated a staff on 1 month notice because of her unresponsible attitude. The labour office said that I have to pay her for the retrenchment benefits because I gave her 1 month notice. They said that because of her wrong working attitude, I have to terminate her on 24 hours notice and I don't have to pay for the retrenchment benefits. Does it make sence?
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KL Siew
10/01/2008 18:30:42
I think what they meant was when you give notice, that is for normal termination of under Section 12 of the Employment Act. If because of her bad attitude and you dismiss her under Section 14 of that Act after due inquiry, you don't have to give notice and also no need to pay termination benefit. So, next time when you come across staff committed misconduction, don't give notice but hold a domestic inquiry and give the punishments listed out under Section 14. So what the Labour Office people said was not wrong but they might not have explained in so many words.
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