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25/12/2007 17:53:29
Re: wages

i need some clarification here...i just joined a new company in 5/11/07. my salary is RM2,200...i'm on a contract basis for 3 months...the company only works for 5-days week...the cut off date for payroll is on 20th every month...i was really surprise to see my 1st payslip because my nett salary is only 900++...they only paid the salary from 5/11 - 20/11 since 20th is the cut off date...and, from what i understand from the accounts department who's handling payroll, i'm only paid for 12 of working days, excluding the rest days...and i have 1 day MC which they treated as unpaid leave...all these is not mentioned in my offer letter...

1) is the salary calculation is correct??
2) do the company have the right not to pay me for the MC??
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KL Siew
25/12/2007 18:04:29
I don't think the company's calculation is correct. Bring along a copy of the contract and seek some official clarification from the Labour Department.
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