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01/12/2007 12:26:57
Re: absent immediately preceeding & succeeding a public holiday

1) my employee was absent on 7/11, 9/11 & 10/11 which is immediately preceeding and succeeding deepavali (8/11) but as he was back to work on deepavali (triple), is he entitle to paid public holiday?

2) another employee of mine was an indian. he absent himself from work on 7/11 without any reason (1 day preceeding deepavali-8/11) and taken annual leave on 9/11 & 10/11. will he be entitled to paid public holiday?
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KL Siew
01/12/2007 14:36:17
1. You may try to argue that since he was absent the day preceeding the holiday, he is not entitled to paid holiday (1 days salary to be deducted), but since worked on Deepavali he will get 2 days wages at ORP.

2. He is not entitled to paid holiday (1 day salary to be deducted).

Ask the Labour Department see whether they agree to such interpretation or not?
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04/01/2008 09:11:29
25/12 公共假期, 员工在26/12缺席,那本公司应该付员工公共假期的薪金吗?
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