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01/12/2007 08:59:43
Re: Request of Salary 3

Dear Sir,

Is me again,i thought of going to the labour office next wednesday but yesterday i received a letter by post from my ex-employer sated was a 2nd reminder to me.They said i fail to hand over some of my duties as promise despiite several reminders & telephone calls, until & unless i settle the outstanding issue and being successfully & satisfied recovery by the company then only they will release my salary.

I has past down everything to them on my last day,they did not find or get a proper person to take up or follow up my duties and now they are blaming me. Sir should i reply the letter? i am tired with it,they keep on finding lame excuses to hack me down.....

Your advice is much appreciated, thank you.

With regards.
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KL Siew
01/12/2007 09:14:02
You just go and lodge a claim and let the Labour Office decide after hearing both parties.
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