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28/11/2007 14:14:18
Re: Resignation

Dear Sir,

I have been working for my new company for the past 8 months but i have not signed any offer letter of employment contract. My salary with the company is RM 2000.

The issue now is that i have accepted a position elsewhere and was requested to join on 5.12.2007. I submitted a resignation letter to my employer on the 27.11.2007 stating that my last day of employment would be on the 4.12.2007.

My question now is

1. Does my employer has the right to hold my NOV 07 salary because i did not submit a one month notice?

2. And if they were to hold my salary do i have a right to complain to the Labour department even though i do not have a contract letter?

3. Will my case be handled by labour department or Industrial Court.

I seriously need your advice as soon as possible.

Thank you
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KL Siew
28/11/2007 16:07:02
Since the notice period for termination of service is not known and you are also not covered by the Employment Act, I cannot say whether the notice given you is sufficient or not. Never mind, if they withhold your salary, you lodge a claim at the Labour Office and let them decide. I don't who is right and who is wrong.
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