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Celyn Cheah
08/11/2007 08:18:21
Re: Unpaid leave calculation.

If my salary is RM2k, and my basic is calculated on 30/31 days basis. My query is shall my unpaid leave be calculated on 30 or 31 days basis (RM2k/30 or 31) or the employer have the right to calculate less then 30 or 31 days? Let see the scenario below: I am a fresh graduate, I have started to work on 3rd Sept, My working days and salary is calculated as below:
3 Sep to 30 Sep RM2000-(RM2000/30*2)=RM1866.67

1st Oct to 31 Oct RM2000-(RM2000/26*2)=RM1846.15
(2 days unpaid leave taken)

Due to there are variance in the days divided, I would like to know whether employer have the right to make the calculation on this basis?

Truly appreciate if I can get any futher information regarding an employee's right in this matter. Thanks for advise.
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KL Siew
08/11/2007 09:11:21
1) The September calculation is correct. (September has 30 days)

2) October calculaltion should be RM2000-(RM2000/31*2)=?? (Oct has 31 days)

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05/03/2008 00:51:47
if my staff suddenly sms to me and said resigned, what can i do it? i'm very they not give the notice or any resign letter to me.
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