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25/09/2007 16:35:13
Re: 延迟出薪给就要离职的员工??对吗??

您好!有个问题哦,我的公司有位员工在九月五号提出辞呈,表明做到十月五号,因为刚好是出薪日,但公司不打算在十月五号出薪给他,理由是怕他作出一些让公司损失的行为,到时领了薪水一走了之。请问公司这样做是对的吗?? 公司决定要在十月十号才发放薪水给该名员工,该名员工该如何表达他的不满??

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KL Siew
25/09/2007 20:31:17
如果他还是受劳工法令保护的职员(薪水不超过1500者),请看以下条规。 同时他也可以向劳工局询问。

"..20. Payment on normal termination of contract.

The wages, less lawful deductions, earned by but not yet paid to an employee whose contract of service terminates in accordance with section 11(1) or of section 12 shall be paid to such employee not later than the day on which such contract of service so terminates...."

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