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06/09/2007 11:59:36
Re: split shift 和超时工作

我的工作是轮班性质的,每周的工作时间是48小时。公司人手不足时,就会要我们split shift,也就是早上10am-11pm, 中间3.30pm -7.30pm是4个小时的break,目的是为了不让我们做太长时间。换句话说,是要扣我们的OT。就这样工作一天要来回4次(中间休息回家),没有补贴车油。
有时候则要我们做10am-11pm, 中间break 1小时,就这样,我们可能这星期需要工作68小时, 下星期又扣你的工作时间成为38小时。拉长补短,结果到月尾时,总工作时间是192小时,没有OT。
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KL Siew
06/09/2007 13:28:17
想要明白此问题,你可以参看下列劳工法令第60C条。看来公司是没有违反劳工法令。 三星期内工作可以就像你所说拉长补短。68+38+38=144小时,平均是144/3=48小时。144再加48就=192。如果你还是不明白,你可以到劳工局去作深一层了解。

"60C. Shift work.

(1) Notwithstanding section 60A(1)(b), and (d), but subject to subsection (1)(a) thereof, an employee who is engaged under his contract of service in shift work may be required by his employer to work more than eight hours in any one day or more than forty eight hours in any one week but the average number of hours worked over any period of three weeks, or over any period exceeding three weeks as may be approved by the Director-General, shall not exceed forty-eight hours per week. .."

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