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21/08/2007 16:11:32
Re: Computation of Sick Leave & Annual Leave (Calendar Year vs Financial Year)

Hi KL Siew,

Based on Employment Act under section 60F, Sick leave is count based on calendar year. However, for Annual Leave under section 60E, it only stated 'every 12 months'.

Although in section 60F did mention sick leave based on calendar year, it does not mention sick leave could not be counted based on financial year.

My concern is, if a company would like to align both Annual Leave and Sick Leave into Financial Year basis, does it mean it is againt the law? In other words, is it mandatory to compute sick leave in calendar year basis ONLY?

Please advise.

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KL Siew
21/08/2007 17:21:31
In my opinion, it really does not matter which method you use as long as the employees are not getting something that is less favourable than what is provided in the Act. But for sick leave, it will be more convenient to use calendar year because of there is no question of sick leave balance being carried over to the next year, less confusion I think.

You can always consult the Labour Department also.
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