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15/08/2007 11:52:26
Re: Medical Leave from non-panel clinic

2nd March, permission was granted by my supervisor to seek a treatment at panel clinic between 12pm-1.00pm. I saw the doctor at panel clinic 1.30pm and complained of headache. I think i need an MC because i feel i didn't fit for work but the doctor just give me a panadol.
I feel so disappointed, so I go to non-panel clinic and got the MC. I returned to work on 3rd March. Supervisor ask me to submit ML but ijust give it to him on 4th March. He told me the ML cannot be recognised as it is from non-panel clinic. I think it was emergency because i got migrain on that day. Company charge this case. What is my chance about this case?
If i'm guilty what is the common penalty the company can give because i never have constructive dismissal.

Need your advice asap. Thank you.
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KL Siew
15/08/2007 12:56:01
Don't worry so much about the 'charge' you are talking about. Wait and see what is the outcome. If they do anyting you think that is unfair, you can always turn to the Labour Department or the Industrial Relations Department for help.
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