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08/08/2007 11:19:30
Re: absence without leave

we have a staff who was absent from work since 24/7. we tried to locate her and made calls but she did not pick up her phone. we sent her request for explanation letter for her leave without prior approval (show cause letter) on 27/7 and hold her july salary. we also informed her that we could take action by terminating her service for being absent for more than 48 hours.

she replied on 31/7 claiming that :
1. she repaired her car on 24/7 and had informed a staff but not email notification was sent out by that staff (we normally broadcast staff whereabouts via email to everyone). - no form was filled up/no approval sought
2. she took time off on 25/7 afternoon without informing anyone due to her grievance/personal issue
3. she admit of absent on 26/7
4. she took MC on 27/7 and claimed that she has MC to prove

we replied on 2/8 asking her to let us know who is the staff that she informed on her non-attendances and ask her to submit her MC on 27/7. we informed her that her absence and leave without prior approval is a misconduct. we also told her that despite her resignation letter on 23/7, she still have to serve 3 months notice or pay in lieu of her notice. it does not justify her absence to the date of the letter (2/8).

she replied on 7/8, supplying us the MC and at the same time questioning the management practice and definition of misconduct and start comparing with other staff. she also threat to consult with labout office if we dismiss her from the employment.

now, how should i reply to her letter? is it justified for us to terminate her service? should we hold a DI first before terminating? She obviously has breach her Letter of Employment for being absent from work.

She's earning RM2800 and until today she did not turn up for work. Letters are sent to her parent's home and she admit receipt.

I look forward to your opinion.
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KL Siew
08/08/2007 12:48:24
To cut long story short, just hold a DI and give everybody a chance to state his case. Only then you may know who is right and who is wrong and make a decision one way or the other.
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08/08/2007 17:32:55
thank you. i shall do the necessary. :)
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