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Fong Wooi Choong
29/06/2007 17:40:15
Re: termination under probation period without 24hrs notice

I attached to one company in 16th Jan 2007 as an Asst. General Manager. In my agreement, it stated that the probation period is 3 months but will be extented. After 3 month of servicing, the Board of Directors not sastified about my performance so that my probation exented to another 3 months. Sometimes in May, a new shareholders came in and they all agree at this moment the company do not need this position. They want to terminate my agreement by offering me two option, 1 is I resign and 2 is to accept as an Sales Executive. Of course the pay will drop to Sales level, which is I cannot acccpt. If I reject their offer to accept as an sales Exec, 31/5 is my last day. And the worse thing is they inform me at 5.30pm, where the office close. Is it ethical for them to terminate my agreement in that way? What should I do next? Please comments. Thank you very much.
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KL Siew
29/06/2007 20:44:37
The thing you need to do now is to make claim under Section 20 of the Industrial Relations Act for wrongful dismissal. Go the Industrial Relations Department, they will give the necessary advice.
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