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27/06/2007 15:20:48
Re: letter of employment

请问之前一值公司没有给员工letterof employment 。
现在要开始做,还需要写probation period 吗?
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KL Siew
27/06/2007 15:38:32
1 給舊雇員可不必, 不過日期要用以前開始受聘的日期,條件不可以比以前差。解析使他們明白目的。
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03/07/2007 21:29:42
for old staff, the date on letter of employment must base on the date that she/ he started working with this company???
if the date is the same as other new staffs,
what can they do?
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KL Siew
03/07/2007 22:02:11

If your employer wants you to sign a letter of employment with date of appointment same as that of the new staff, you should ask 'what about my past period of service?' It may be ok if the original date of joining the company is mentioned in the letter. This is to avoid any complication in future. If your employer insists that you sign as a new staff, consult the Labour Department
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04/07/2007 22:46:14
We as old staff have signed the letter after all...
and before that we have not got any confirmation letter to state that we're confirmed staffs
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