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xiao fang
08/06/2007 17:15:23
Re: termination

since i had read the question of chia tee seng, i would like to ask for suggestion from kl siew because i had faced the same problem..
there is a condition in my offer letter that i should not resign within 1 year, my salary is about 2200 as a sales executive, now i get a better offer from another difference industry company as sales executive..if i take up the new job without giving notive to my existing employer..
1) what is the legal action he may take if i work as 2 postion in the same time?
2) i am not giving notice of termination of contract of service, am i breach of contract?
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KL Siew
08/06/2007 18:07:20
For our readers' info, can you quote some of the clauses especially those pertaining to resigning before the one year period , before my saying anything?
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xiao fang
08/06/2007 22:49:32
dear sir,
my offer letter just state that ' you should not resign within 1 year time' after the probation period..
and the notice of termination after 1 year, should not less than 2 months notice..
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KL Siew
09/06/2007 08:01:02
Some employers do spend money for training their staff and require the employees to sign some sort of bond. In your case, if do have anything of that sort I don't think your employer will be able to sue you as long as you give him the proper notice. It your employer finds to hard to get employee, it will be good for you help to find one to replace you. Of course you are not obliged to do that.
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