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08/06/2007 15:11:30
Re: Time off Slip given by Doctor

I have a query. If I bring my child to see doctor, and I'm being given a time off slip from doctor stated that from 9am - 11am I was in the clinic with my sick child, when I report back to work, shall I go home as my normal working hour ( 9am -5pm) or I will have to consider start work at 11am and finish work at 7pm? ( my company operates from 7am - 11pm)

Thank you very much.
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KL Siew
08/06/2007 18:02:05
I am unable to advise this as I don't know your company's policy of this 'time off' matter. Since they do give time off slip to employees and I am sure they have their policy on how to dealing with such matter. Please consult your company.
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