Leslie Lay
5/17/2007 7:26:56 PM
Re: 共假期可以和普通天对换吗

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KL Siew
5/18/2007 8:27:39 AM
(1) 在十天假期之中有四天是不能对换的,那就是劳动节,元首诞,国庆日和苏丹诞辰。其他六天在双方同意下可以对换。

(2) 如果你们真的要这么长的工作时间,你们必须向劳工总监申请。请看以下条规。有关详细申请手续你们得到劳工局询问。

60A. Hours of work.

(1) Except as hereinafter provided, an employee shall not be required under his contract of service to work:

(a) more than five consecutive hours without a period of leisure of not less than thirty minutes duration;

(b) more than eight hours in one day;

(c ) in excess of a spread over period of ten hours in one day;

(d) more than forty-eight hours in one week:

(1A) The Director-General may, on the written application of an employer, grant permission to the employer to enter into a contract of service with any one or more of his employees, or with any class, category or description of his employees, requiring the employee or employees, or the class, category or description of employees, as the case may be, to work in excess of the limit of hours prescribed under subsection (1)(a), (b), and (d) but subject to such conditions, if any, as the Director-General may deem proper to impose, if he is satisfied that there are special circumstances pertaining to the business or undertaking of the employer which renders it necessary or expedient to grant such permission:

Provided that the Director-General may at any time revoke the approval given under this subsection if he has reason to believe that it is expedient to do so.

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