12/26/2008 10:49:44 AM
Re: Re : Termination of Service

Hi Mr.Siew,

My company would like to terminate a driver due to his very poor attitude in work. Based on our company terms & conditions, any worker who received three times warning letter would be consider as resign itself. And company will give one month notice to wokers for termination purpose except in 'special reason/condition'.

This worker has received twice, but in the third time he refuse to sign because he come late to work without information it cause workers late to work due to no transport arrange.For that reason he wanted to take leave on that day therefore he refuse to sign warning letter and take as excuse that his car has problem.This incident has many times happened .

His annual performance is 'below average'.Can company give one
month notice to terminate his service and do company have to pay he any compensate in this case?

Kindly advice.

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KL Siew
12/26/2008 1:00:11 PM
If you termination his service with notice, you will also have to pay termination benefit. Read the Employment (Termination and Layoff Benefits) Regulations using
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