11/10/2008 3:25:07 PM
Re: Show Caused Letter

I did received said letter from HR, the issue was failed completion of self online focal review. My friend did received warning letter of that cause of unsatisfactory explanation. For me I really have my solid answer provided. and inside the long explaination letter, I also did some question to ask HRD regarding to somthing happened to me on previous(9yrs serviced) in btw the superior. As a result, HRD did not respond me, do not know what their decision made against .IF they are really refuse to accept my explaination, insist to apply warning letter to me ! what shell I do, my 9yrs of good service record has been tainted. Can I refuse to sign the Warning Letter. or otherwise they just can stay quiet and not ot answer my question intact. ?
IS the ShowCouseletter intead DI ?
HR manager in the labour law , their JD is cover up all the employee including the other depart.Manager right? If they found in wrong side of alleged misuse of power, how did the HR Manager confront them?
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KL Siew
11/10/2008 8:04:25 PM
You have to acknowledge the warning letter if there is one and respond if you are required to so. From now on, try your best to avoid all those troubles. It will not get you anywhere. Just keep up with your good work.
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